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Parent Testimonials

Parents of All God's Children Preschool students are periodically asked to tell us what they like about our preschool or what they would like to see changed. Below is what some of the parents have to say about our preschool.

  • A Wonderful Place!
  • I can't imagine a better place for my child to addend. The teachers are so helpful and my child has learned so much.
  • There price is the lowest in the area but their teaching skills are among the highest. If you want your child to have a
  • "REAL" head start, then All God's Children is the place you want your child to attend!***** David, Niceville

  • For the past three years, our child has attended All God's Children Preschool in Niceville Florida.
  • The staff provides a caring environment for all children to learn and grow. The activities they have are
  • fun, constructive and help develop each child's social skills. The facilities are clean, safe and secure.
  • The classrooms are warm and inviting. Our child has benefited greatly from the experience here at this
  • school.***** Andrea G., Niceville

  • What a blessing it has been to have the teachers at All God's Children in my grandchild's life. She has been
  • attending All God's Children Preschool since she was about 18 months old. She is now almost 4. They teach
  • the children more than just their ABC's, they teach them good manors, how to respect others, how to have self
  • control and above all the rest, that Jesus Loves Us All! I recommend All God's Children Preschool to every parent
  • and Child! ***** D.S., Niceville

  • I have been meaning to write you and let you know how much our family appreciates all you did for Jonah and Noah.
  • Jonah and Noah were in a different daycare and it suddenly closed without any notice. We were stunned and at a loss
  • as what we were going to do. After many phone calls and prayers we were led to "All God's Children". What a blessing.
  • Jonah was an infant. We knew we had found the right spot and that God was in the leading. We especially knew at the
  • graduation ceremony. It was such a heartwarming and Spiritual ceremony. I never knew children could be taught so
  • much. Each child there were important in their own right. You took such pain in making sure each one had a part.
  • "All God's Children" is a great place for all children to learn and grow in the knowledge of God and also in the
  • learning process. They are taught many things that will help them succeed in life. Once again, we extend our thanks
  • and appreciation for the care and love you to Noah and Jonah but especially Jonah since he was there the longest.
  • May God bless you. ***** Carol P. (Grandmother), Niceville

God has a plan for your child - JEREMIAH 29:11